COUNCIL REVIEW is circulated in both print and digital format to the chief executives, senior council officials, and city and county councillors across Ireland’s 31 local authorities, in addition to government ministers, representatives from the local government agencies, trade unions, employer groups and public sector bodies.

COUNCIL REVIEW outlines the key issues affecting local authorities and their communities, such as Social and Affordable Housing, Climate Change, Urban and Rural Planning, Finance, Transport and Infrastructure, in addition to the key policy changes at Central Government level, and updates from Europe on EU Directives, Funded Programmes and Policies.

COUNCIL REVIEW offers expert opinion and analysis on the changing face of Local Government in Ireland, whilst public and private sector organisations, making a difference at county and city level, are given a vital platform to share their projects, plans and initiatives.

COUNCIL REVIEW has established long-standing relationships with Ireland’s top blue-chip companies across a range of sectors such as the construction industry, financial and banking services, transport and logistics, data and facilities management, to name but a few.

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Grace Heneghan,  The Editor

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