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A new property management software solution, which aims to make the application process for rental accommodation and the selection and management of tenants fair and unbiased, is already being used by local authorities, including Meath County Council, and approved housing bodies such as Tuath Housing and Respond. Report by Grace Heneghan.

The ‘FairSelect’ property techsoftware platform, which has been developed by Irish technology company Bynaric for fair and unbiased tenant and applicant onboarding in the property sector, was officially launched on the market in May. The launch took place uniquely at the same location from where the company first started out in October 2019 – at Dogpatch Labs in Dublin’s CHQ Centre.

In his keynote address, Bynaric founder and CEO Aria Pour said that the property management software solution has been designed to automate and streamline the affordable housing application process whether renting or buying.

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‘Thank you’ to @sligococo council for leading the way as only the second council in Ireland to formally approve ‘to allocate one age-friendly property per year in each of the council’s electoral areas to a (qualifying) returning Irish emigrant’.

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